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You have the story, I have the words to tell it.

So you want to make Youtube videos and share your story with the world, but finding a way to tell it has been rather difficult. 

Work with me and together we can bring these stories to life, keep your audience engaged throughout the videos, and grow your brand. 

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Hey man,

Thanks for sending this over! Just read through this and I really did enjoy it, I can tell you really enjoyed writing this one!

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It was an amazing experience. It's not often I get positively surprised at the extent I got here. It's a stellar delivery and an even more pleasant experience. I can comfortably and highly recommend this seller and I will most definatly order again and again and again...

Image by Matthew Ball

Jordan, MindfulSingers

10/10 excellent! Super engaging content writer. Very easy going and smart. You tell him what you want and you get amazing work. Thank you so much! :) Will be hiring you on the regular.

Here are some amazing stories I've
helped to tell

From philosophical videos about Nothing, to personal stories trying to figuring out life on this purple marble called earth, here are some of the most amazing stories I've written with the tip of my fingers.

NIHILISM: The Belief in Nothing

In this video, I talk about the philosophy of Nihilism, the belief in nothing. It was complex script to work on and required a lot of research. 

Why achieving your dreams won't make you happy

This personal documentary expresses the juxtaposition between achieving your goals and happiness. 

Will goals make you happy?

Stoicism: Becoming Undefeatable

My most successful project yet, this video about stoicism and stoic principles amassed over 2.3 million views in less than 6 months. 

Image by The Creative Exchange

Here's why you need a good scriptwriter

The Youtube Algorithm was built for one thing- to keep people on the platform for as long as possible. 

So if you want the algorithm to pick you up and explode your channel, you need to keep your viewers engaged throughout your video. 

And the foundation of a video that keeps viewers engaged is an amazing script. Scripts that employ the best storytelling techniques so your viewers are hooked from the first word to the last. 

Don't take my word for it. Here's what people are saying about my work...


Here's why I do this...

Youtube changed my life. I remember how the words from one video cut deep into my heart and made me feel seen, heard, and understood. 

I want to bring that feeling to everyone else.

Emeka Ekwuribe

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